Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marvin Shavlan's Leadership On The Issues

I care about St. Pete Beach and want to continue to serve our residents as a voice for our community by helping solve the issues we have been dealing with as a City.  I stood up and supported our new Comprehensive Plan, the implementation of which I believe is crucial if we want to see our City and its economy improve and prosper.  I also fought to end the costly lawsuits that have drained our City's funds.

Fiscal Responsibility

In my first year I worked diligently with the Commission to put nearly $400,000 into reserves with the goal of achieving a 25% reserve balance in the near future.  This was the first time in many years that any money had been put into reserves by the Commission and this was accomplished with no increase in ad valorem taxes.  This coming year, we are in a position to hit our 25% target while embarking on some exciting new projects for the City such as the Corey Avenue rejuvenation and new docks at the Community Center.


When residents expressed concerns that the ballot language for an important City wide ballot item was misleading, I had our attorneys rewrite the language and present it to the Commission who then reviewed and approved it.  This oversight made the language clear and simple and helped limit the chances of a legal challenge.

Led The Charge to Fix the Process

I asked the Commission to consider putting the repeal of our Comprehensive Plan voting requirements (which have resulted in costly lawsuits for the City) on the ballot.  This item was eventually put on the ballot and the voters agreed that they wanted to repeal these Comprehensive Plan voting requirements.

Economic Development

I am committed to implementing plans and policies that will create opportunities for economic development, tourism, and community improvements.  I believe we can have a balance that meets the needs of the residents, welcomes tourists and visitors, and allows businesses to stay here and compete against other cities.


It is important that we restructure our pension benefits in a way that will save the taxpayers money, allow us to make the pensions more financially sound by paying down our $22,000,000 unfunded liability and provide fair and equitable pension benefits to City employees.

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